Finals are less than a month away, and students have begun to feel the pressure. There is hope for the future. 

Entertainment ToKnight has been working to create events for the Wartburg community. The organization is starting to plan events for May Term and the 2022-23 academic year. 

“Our mission is to provide accessible, stress-relieving events for anyone on campus. We do that by making nearly all events free,” said Rachel Green, third-year journalism and communication major and president of ETK. “The exception in the past has just been large events, but still creating it at a cost that would be acceptable. Student accessibility is a key thing for all our events. The other thing is what students need and want. We start from there to book our events.” 

Though the organization cannot reveal what is in the works, they were able to hint.  

 “We had students approach us with an idea and we were excited to work with them on it. We are going to have a unique and exciting opportunity for our event in May Term, this event is going to be an event that people will love to be at,” Green said. 

Green also mentioned that the group plans to have two events for the rest of this year and is working on a possible partnership for a third.  

In the future, students can prepare for the Fall Term and the large event is set to take place. Though the details are still unable to be revealed. 

“We are working overtime to get those details for large event figured out. As soon as we get those details ironed out and official, we can then talk to the students. One thing that I think is important to know is that we can’t share anything because it is a contract with the artist and the agent on when we can do certain things. It is not that we don’t want students to be excited or to not know, it is just not the right time,” Green said. 

Lots of students attended recent events, said Arinda Barthel a third-year music therapy major and vice president of ETK. 

“The events are twice a month usually and vary from activity to activity, said Arinda Barthel, a third-year music therapy major and vice president of ETK. “Sometimes we host bingo, and other times we will hand out to-go craft kits. We love bringing contracted artists to campus for free entertainment such as magicians, musicians, and comedians,” she said. ETK recently did an “Open Mic Knight” and aa surprise St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt.  

The St. Patrick’s Day event of the Scavenger Hunt was done in partnership with Wartburg Sustainability, one of the many collaborative events that Green hopes to do more in the future. 

“Whether they went on to complete the whole scavenger hunt, we heard from so many people around campus that they saw and thought it was funny. It really made them laugh and that is our purpose and goal” Green said. 

The organization is set to begin planning for beyond this academic year as they soon set their sights on the future with a National Association for Campus Activities retreat 

Above all else, the organization stressed the importance of student voices and opinions. 

“If students ever have fun ideas that they would like E.T.K. to know about or an event they would like to see happen, I strongly recommend they reach out to anyone on our executive team. We love student feedback,” Barthel said. 

For updates on E.T.K. events, students can follow on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Any ideas for events as well as any feedback on events can be directed to the executive board of E.T.K. such as Rachel Green at or the advisor Josh Bulten at or through any of their social media pages.


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