Op/Ed Trumpet


By Olivia Foster, Editor-in-Chief

Hello, and thank you for picking up the sixth and final issue of the Trumpet for Fall Term.  

With finals approaching and Christmas Break on the horizon, I have been reflecting on this semester.  

The past few months have been difficult, exhilarating, frustrating, and full of growth. I have watched the Trumpet staff grow tremendously during this time. Many of our staff members are new to the Trumpet, and I have enjoyed watching them enhance their skills and bond as a team.  

Coming into this semester, I was terrified that the Trumpet would fail because so many amazing staff members graduated in May. Oh boy, was I proven wrong. Not only has our team exceeded my expectations, but every single person has impressed me with their dedication, drive and creativity. 

One of the things that has surprised me most about the Trumpet this semester has been the variety of backgrounds and voices that we have on staff and have been able to feature in stories. 

Every single staff member has varied interests and is curious about different topics, which has led to so many story suggestions and interviews that I never would have expected but am so grateful for.

For example, working with our Culture & Diversity editor, Yigit, on stories for the diversity issue taught me about many of the limits that are placed on international students. 

And as someone who has never been very musically talented, reading staff writer Joey’s story about Christmas with Wartburg from issue five opened my eyes to all the work that goes into putting on such a big event. 

This variety in topics and interests has led to me learning about things I didn’t even know existed, like the new women’s wrestling team. And it has led me to learn more about things like Christmas with Wartburg and the Peer Learning Lab.  

Being surrounded by so many varied perspectives is something that I am so grateful for. There is so much that we can learn from others, especially those who have different backgrounds, experiences, and knowledge from us.  

As we near the end of this semester, I encourage you to listen and learn from what others have to say.

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