College can be a time to explore different values and ethics.  For some, that can be joining groups that align with their political, religious, cultural, or other values. Some may even form new groups.  

For one student, Eva Schoell, a third-year German and public relations double major, the formation of the Wartburg College Leftists is an important addition to their combination of values. The group is working toward being an approved organization on campus.  

The purpose of creating this organization is to establish a safe space for exploration of theory, morals, and values within the political spectrum of the left, political action, and volunteer work, Schoell said.  

One of 56 prospective members, Victoria Dietz, the vice president of the Wartburg College Democrats and a third-year student at Wartburg, approves of the idea of diverse political orientations.  

“I like that it provides a space for any student who identifies as a leftist, whether that be a Democrat, Democratic Socialist, Socialist, or a variety of other political orientations, which aren’t always encompassed by the already existing political organizations,” Dietz said.  

Schoell said intersectionality would be important.  

“We are an intersectional organization, without intersectionality, the group cannot truly be progressive and representative of all peoples. The group will create a place for all types of students from activists to interested students, all with a goal toward creating change on a local, state, and national level,” Schoell said.  

Dietz said there is an impact of these organizations, including her own, on the student body.  

“I think it is important that every student on campus feels represented and has a safe space to feel like they are a part of something. Political organizations can empower people to educate themselves, be politically active, and take a stand against injustices in the world,” Dietz said.  

Schoell also adds that the Wartburg College Leftists will also work in collaboration with other organizations on campus.  

“We want to be an educational resource for diverse, intellectually stimulating topics and to engage in healthy debate. We plan to work with other political, intercultural, and social justice organizations on campus, “Schoell said. They also have the goal of creating debate nights, theory readings, and philosophy discussions in collaboration with other groups and mediators to open conversation when the club is approved.  

Dietz also looks forward to the collaborations between the Wartburg College Democrats and the Wartburg College Leftists.  

“I think that these differences encourage both Wartburg Democrats and Wartburg Leftists to work together towards common goals. Cooperation and teamwork will be an essential part of the relationship between the two organizations,” Dietz said.  

The main focus of the group, said Schoell, is inclusivity and activism.  

“We have united to form a campus organization that stands for freedom and equality, fights resolutely for peace, is sincerely democratic, righteously socialist, environmentalist, feminist, open and plural, challenging and open-minded,” Schoell said.  

Anyone interested in learning about the Wartburg College Leftists can contact Eva Schoell at  



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