Vision Productions, Ace Media and Simplex Stories are set to premiere their documentaries on Monday, April 19 on the Wartburg Knight Vision website. Production of the film is the final project for fourth-year students graduating from the Department of Journalism & Communication at Wartburg College. 

Vision Productions will premiere “Letters from a Young State,” a documentary that explores the life of Swedish novelist and feminist, Fredrika Bremer, and her visit to Iowa in 1850. Bremer is also the namesake for Bremer County and the local cities of Fredrika and Bremer.

For more information, visit http://www.vision-productions.com.

The Vision Productions team consists of six Wartburg students, Zachary Brunkhorst, Drew Carfrae, Liam Easley, Chris Lucas, Peyton Meisner and Juliana Pelaez. 

Ace Media is set to premiere their documentary “Changing Hearts and Minds: The Ruby Sutton Story” at 1:30 p.m. Ruby Sutton was an activist from Dubuque who effectively and tirelessly dedicated her life to equity, support and justice for all people in a time where Dubuque was one of the most racially divided cities in the Midwest.

The Ace Media team includes Alex Buchheim, Kendall Erenberger, Alexa Ganzeveld, Ethan Pfaltzgraff, Kaylin Muggler and Kayla Marthaler. 

For more information about Ace Media and “Changing Hearts and Minds: The Ruby Sutton Story,” visit acemediaproductions.org.

Simplex Stories will premiere their documentary ‘My People’s Bones: The Life & Fight of Maria Pearson’ at 2 p.m. The 15-minute film showcases the impact that Maria Pearson had on the Indigenous community of Iowa and beyond. Pearson was the driving force behind the creation of the Iowa Burial Protections Act and the Native American Grave and Repatriation Act of 1990, both protecting the remains and artifacts of Indigenous societies dug up by archaeologists. Pearson inspired many to continue speaking up for the rights and beliefs of Indigenous cultures across the nation.

The Simplex Stories team includes Lauren Wisdom, Silvia Oakland, Courtney Stucker, Nathan Stephany, Dominic Hanson and Anshika Singh. 

For more information on production, follow Simplex Stories on Facebook, Instagram or visit their website at mypeoplesbones.com. 


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