Wartburg Players, the campus thespian society, has been attempting to put on a performance during the 2020 Fall Term, but their efforts have all fallen short.

The theater community on campus was deprived of their art at the beginning of 2020, as the March performance “The Diary of Anne Frank” was cancelled. According to Allison Kuehn, president of Wartburg Players, the production was moved to September and then rescheduled for November. However, most actors said they are not comfortable performing with the presence of COVID-19 on campus.

The group explored other options and considered performing small skits or shows similar to the “Vagina Monologues,” but as of now, nothing is set in stone. With a smaller cast, it would be easier to socially distance on stage. However, the stage is not the main issue.

“It’s kind of hard in the Lyceum to have a larger cast because the [backstage] wings are so small, which was why we were considering doing plays of two to three people,” Kuehn said.

According to Kuehn, if any production was to be performed, many safety precautions would have to be enforced, including face masks and face shields as well as plenty of hand wipes and possibly even air purifiers. The backstage sections of the Lyceum leave little room for crowds, and even with a small cast, it would be difficult to avoid contact with others.

The Lyceum is still reserved for a performance in November. For more information, email



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