A student who broke quarantine regulations has been banned from Wartburg’s campus, according to an email from Cassie Hales, director of residential life.

The student was not identified.

The campus was notified in an email at 1:33 p.m. Monday, Sept. 14 from Hales that said: “Last week, a member of our community willfully broke quarantine regulations, spending a significant amount of time with their friends watching movies, playing video games, and doing what all of you would do in your spare time.”

The email continued: “ Though this person had tested negative, they likely were exposed again somewhere throughout the course of their quarantine and then developed the virus, which wouldn’t have happened had they followed the rules. The negative test result gave this individual and their friends a false sense of safety.”

Hales said students are “expected to follow those rules.”

Students who have begun to show symptoms are receiving rapid antigen testing today and have been asked to identify their contacts to continue contact tracing. The email said Wartburg is likely to see an increase in cases on the COVID-19 dashboard, after seeing a decrease this past week. 

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