Elizabeth Warren, a top-polling Democratic Presidential candidate, was on campus Saturday, Nov. 16, hosted by the Wartburg Democrats, a political student-run organization. Warren stepped on stage to welcome a crowd of more than 575 attendees.

“I think she’s a good advocate for marginalized people,” Jared McLey, a second-year religion major at Wartburg said. “I think everyone should have the same opportunities and rights.”

Warren was introduced by Wyatt Hintermeister, third-year Wartburg student and vice president of the Wartburg Democrats and an intern on the Warren campaign.

Hintermeister gave a brief speech to warm up the crowd. Warren then stepped onto the stage and the crowd erupted with applause. Warren spoke with a political fury that manifested among the crowd. Those in support of her words returned Warren’s energy, some even shouted “persist.”

“I don’t want a government that works for giant multinational corporations; I want one that works for our families,” Warren said in an emotionally driven push for anti-corruption, a topic that was greatly addressed in the speech.

“Here’s the good news: I have the biggest anti-corruption plan since Watergate. Here’s the bad news: money is now so influential in Washington that we need the biggest anti-corruption plan since Watergate.”

Wartburg students as well as community members from Waverly and nearby towns in Iowa were present. Each audience member at the event seemed to have their own perspective on issues that Warren addressed.

“I think it’s really important that our generation gets more involved in researching policy and taking the time to do so,” Hintermeister said.

One of Warren’s top priorities was the mass reduction of student
loan debt.

“Students are charged a much higher interest rate,” Lance Schreier of Charles City, Iowa said. “They’re struggling while they’re getting an education, and it doesn’t make sense. It does seem like the system is stacked up against the little guy.”

The event ended with a line full of attendees waiting to take a picture taken with the Presidential candidate.

Warren recently surpassed fellow candidate Joseph R. Biden Jr. by seven points in the polls, but Pete Buttigieg is surging in popularity among Iowan voters, according to USA Today. Buttigieg has risen 16 percentage points, overcoming both Warren and Biden, with 25% of Iowans choosing him as the first choice, according to the Des Moines Register.

For more information about Warren’s campaign, go to elizabethwarren.com.



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