Traffic is a part of life. Any town with more than two cars is going to struggle with it at some point. The city is now looking to make its traffic just a little bit more efficient, to ease the lives of Waverly residents or those passing through town.

The Iowa Department of Transportation, or D.O.T., is conducting a traffic survey on the recently constructed Bremer avenue. The idea began with city administration who wanted to ensure drivers weren’t being unnecessarily obstructed by traffic.

“It’s always been an issue not only for the community but also for the truckers. There are seven or eight signalized intersections on Bremer Avenue from East to West or west to east. And every one of those is an inconvenience for truck traffic particularly.”

This is the second traffic study for Bremer in recent years, after one in 2016 led to the reconstruction of the entire street. That construction, while long completed, is still an issue for some Waverly residents, some of whom are very vocal about their dislike of the streets change.

The decision about how Bremer should operate is still being debated and has become an issue in the upcoming Waverly mayoral race. Mayor Soash, however, stands by the town’s decision to reconstruct.

“For the most part I drive through town from eight street through to twentieth without a problem. So I think what’s happened is a good thing. It’s reduced number of accidents according to police reports in the last few weeks there’s not an accident in the quote problem section or perceived problem sections of Bremer Avenue.”

With the ongoing traffic study, and strong opinions on both sides, traffic will remain a hot-button issue in local politics, especially heightened by the upcoming Mayoral race. For Knight Vision News, I’m Nathan Stephany.



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