Early Thursday morning, members of the Outfly committee started walking to the Saemann Student Center.

What was once a bare hallway was transformed into a colorful themed gateway to the annual Outfly breakfast, where faculty and staff served scrambled eggs, the notorious cut fruit and sweet cinnamon rolls. Wartburg Drumline stormed the dorms to announce the celebratory day to everyone.

“I think today’s theme really encompasses a welcome and exciting environment,” Jenna Brannaman, student body vice-president said. “We understand that students do like to take advantage of the day to catch up on homework or sleep, but we want to provide many activities that students can get involved in and just take a breather from the school day.”

After a welcome statement from Trevor Hurd, the student body President, students gathered around the victory bell to watch Hurd and President Darrell Colson ring the victory bell, signalling the beginning of Outfly.

While Hurd and Colson are the ones who know and select the date of Oufly, most of the execution and planning is led by Brannaman. Brannaman said while the process of planning Outfly can be tedious, the committee works together to make sure the day is a success. The committee began planning Outfly by selecting the theme in May Term of 2019.

“It’s certainly a challenge and something different as a leader,” Brannaman said. “I think it’s important to delegate, especially since we’ve been up since 2 a.m. We want to respect each other’s time. We all kind of gain the energy of Outfly once we wake up and have a cup of coffee.”

The decorations were sustainable this year, and were made of paper, cloth and burlap.

Afterwards, the rest of the activities, which followed the theme, began. Students had the opportunity to make bracelets, tie-dye shirts and other crafts. Despite the cloudy day and wet lawn, yard games still continued with a life-size foosball, bag boards and cup pong. There was also a dunk tank where all proceeds went to Wartburg College Dance Marathon. Hurd was one of the contestants to be dunked.

Later in the evening, students could partake in music bingo which was sponsored by 89.9 KWAR, Wartburg’s radio station.

Brannaman encouraged students to apply to become a part of next year’s Outfly committee. For more information about Outfly committee, contact Brannaman at jenna.brannan@wartburg.edu.



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