Student Media Positions

Positions for 2020-21:

  • Knight Vision News Executive Producer
  • Trumpet Editor-in-Chief
  • KWAR-FM Station Manager
  • Knight Wire Manager

Applications Due: 5 p.m., Friday, March 20, 2020 (See Position Descriptions Below)
Interviews: March 24, 2020


Knight Vision News Executive Producer
Adviser:  Ronald Johnson

Job Description:

The Knight Vision News (KVN) Department seeks an enthusiastic student leader who has an interest working in multimedia journalism or broadcast television. The Executive Producer is responsible for the KVN Department and serves as the Executive Producer for KVN. The Executive Producer is expected to attend and supervise KVN episodes during the school year. This is a 20-hour/week paid student work study position.

  • Maintain an editorial calendar and assign stories to KVN reporters and videographers.
  • Organize staff development workshops.
  • Train and mentor producers and associate producers.
  • Foster a positive team environment. 
  • Oversee scheduled weekly productions of KVN.
  • Ensure quality control and journalistic standards for KVN.
  • Monitor and respond to changing news as it happens on campus and in the Waverly community.
  • Organize leadership meetings and delegate important tasks and assignments to members of the leadership team.
  • Prepare Fall and Winter contest entries for the KVN Department.
  • Organize weekly staff and story meetings.
  • Meet weekly with the Knight Vision faculty advisor.
  • Ensure the distribution of news content on our live streaming and online and mobile streaming platforms. 

    Application Requirements: 
    – Two years of KVN Experience and good academic standing 
    – Resume, cover letter, and two peer recommendations


Trumpet Editor-in-Chief
Adviser:  Jessica Martin

  • Estimated hours per week: 15-20+
  • Objective: Supervise all section editors and oversee the progress of the newspaper and web content throughout the week.
  • Essential Job Duties:
    • Oversee the news budget for the week
    • Write various articles each week
    • Copy edits of all articles and edit/proof all pages
    • Send pages to the printer after each edition is finalized
    • Assist the editors and reporters with story development, writing and reporting for print and web.
    • Lead various meetings during the week
    • Chair the editorial board
    • Address reader complaints
    • Meet regularly with the newspaper advisor
  • Required Skills:
    • Adobe InDesign
    • Photoshop
    • Office
    • DSLR Camera
    • One year or more of experience as a Trumpet Section Editor or Editor-in-Chief
    • Completion of COM 305 Print Journalism


KWAR-FM Station Manager
Adviser: Pamela Ohrt

The Station Manager is the student leader of KWAR-FM 89.9, the Wartburg College radio station. In conjunction with the adviser, the station manager will oversee the day-to-day operations of the radio station and coordinate responsibilities of the various staff members.

Responsibilities include:

  • Work closely with all staff members to make sure the radio station functions daily
  • Organize and oversee weekly meetings; time and day depend on staff schedules
  • Make decisions, after consulting with the faculty adviser, on any decision regarding the welfare of  KWAR and its daily operation   
  • Keep up to date on all weekly problems, issues and decisions
  • Maintain open lines of communication
  • Handle staff issues, maintaining harmony
  • Encourage student involvement with the radio station
  • In the absence of a programming director, the station manager will work with volunteer DJs
  • Willingness to prioritize KWAR over other campus responsibilities and extracurricular activities, including representation of the station at conferences and events


  • Working knowledge of Adobe Audition
  • Ability to meet and interact with the public in person and on the phone
  • Complete tasks in a timely fashion and meet all deadlines
  • Attention to details
  • At least one year of experience on KWAR staff


Knight Wire Manager
Adviser:  Jessica Martin

The Knight Wire Manager is a position designed for an individual who wants to pursue journalistic work in the digital field, especially in multimedia journalism. 


  • Focus on content distribution through online, mobile and social media platforms
  • Create Knight Wire editorial calendar, to include content from the Wartburg Trumpet, Knight Vision News and other student-run news outlets
  • Set goals for online and social media analytics
  • Track and produce reports on online and social media analytics
  • Create multimedia content plans in collaboration with campus media leadership
  • Maintain Knight Wire website through design and regular site maintenance
  • Possess working knowledge of WordPress and the ability to train staff members on WordPress
  • Maintain user accounts for contributors
  • Coordinate breaking news efforts online through social media and Web with campus media leaders
  • Recruit, hire, and lead online producers
  • Set team expectations for the creation of digital content and marketing plans from strategy to execution
  • Link site metrics to overall brand metrics for evaluation of strategy vs. execution
  • Provide inspirational, enriching, insightful and entertaining content for consumers