Krystal Madlock has been named the first associate dean of inclusive community at Wartburg College.


Krystal Madlock has been named the first associate dean of inclusive community at Wartburg College.

Madlock, who has been with the college since 1998, is currently the director of multicultural student services, where she serves as the secondary adviser for all American multicultural students and advises several student organizations. In her new role she will oversee the strategy and implementation of the college’s diversity, equity and inclusion work; mentor students; assist with bias response; serve in an advisory capacity for faculty and staff; and create accountability for and give feedback to the leadership team.

“I am thrilled at the opportunity for Krystal to lead our campus in this capacity, but this is the shared work of the entire college. Her vision, leadership, dedication and demonstration of what it means to create an inclusive community will serve as a guide and an anchor for all of us,” said Rebecca Neiduski, Wartburg president.

Though Madlock informally serves in many of these capacities already, she is excited for the structure and support that will come with this opportunity.

“We have talked about creating a position like this for several years, but it was never the right time. At this moment, as our new strategic plan is rolled out and our new leadership team takes shape, I am ready to embrace this challenge for our current students, our alumni and our future students,” Madlock said. “We have some momentum building with our strategic plan and our new Ubuntu Center, and I’m looking forward to finding new ways to further the conversation and ensuring that this is a campuswide effo

She also will continue her work as an advocate for and mentor of American multicultural students on campus.

“It is important for me to stay connected with the students more now than ever,” she said. “The students have always been my favorite part of my work, and that shouldn’t change. I want to continue to be a person who they can talk to about the issues they are facing, but now I will have the time, space and buy-in from leadership and the campus community to find ways to better their experience by improving the culture on the campus.”

Madlock earned a bachelor’s degree in communication arts and a master’s in postsecondary education: student affairs from the University of Northern Iowa. She started her Wartburg career in the Admissions Office and moved to the Student Life Office after two years. She began her new role Oct. 1, 2022.



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