Wartburg’s women’s soccer team has also begun their spring season for the first time in nearly three years.  

The 2020 offseason was marred by COVID-19 regulations and being sent home. The following year, 2021, the team had their regular season in the spring instead of the fall. The team finally gets to relax and have some time to focus on their skills and take some time to heal their bodies before the fall season comes next school year.  

“Spring season is an opportunity for the team to grow in our relationships while perfecting skills to better ourselves for the fall season,” Kathryn Luers, fourth-year and all-American, said. “It is a time where we work on ourselves as individual players while building team chemistry on and off the field.” 

This time of year also gives the coaches time to plan and see how they will make changes based on who will be graduating or who they will be bringing in from the class of high schoolers. For the players, it is up to them on how they want to get better for the following season. 

“The team always takes advantage of a less intense season to focus on lifting and doing what will help each individual be in shape,” Luers said. “Some players would prefer to lift more while some want to run long distance, it is all personal preference. Having practice on average 5 days a week with lifting allows players to play and work on technical skills in practice but also work on what they want to on their own outside of practice. This is the first off season for many of our players because of Covid-19 and having our season last spring, so we are all learning as we go and growing as a team” 

The Knights are slated to play only two scrimmages this spring and both are alumni games. 

The first one, on April 14, is against Upper Iowa and the second one is on May 9. 

During the May 9 competition, alumni from past Wartburg soccer teams have the opportunity to come back and play against or with the current team. 



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