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The Wartburg Student Senate met for the final time in the month of March on Thursday, March 31.  


The Wartburg Student Senate met for the final time in the month of March on Thursday, March 31.  

The main highlight of this meeting was that certain positions of the executive team were finalized today. The roles of president, vice president, treasurer and recorder were decided during the election in February. Other senate elect positions were left to be filled, with the leaders of these positions announced during the March 31 meeting.  

Mila Iushkova was announced as the public relations director. She has served in this position for the past two years and will continue to do so in the 2022-23 academic year. It was also announced that Maddie Ellingson will serve as the academic ombudsperson, Adam Dettmer will be the administrative ombudsperson and Carl Hamilton will be the executive assistant for diversity.  

These four students, along with president-elect Gordy Field, vice president-elect Ryleigh Parrack, treasurer-elect Malcolm Newell and recorder-elect Grace Coffman, will make up the executive team for Student Senate for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

As a last point during the meeting, current academic ombudsperson Brice Butler announced that he’s been in discussion with Marty Johnson, the director of dining services at Wartburg, about bringing a takeout option for meals back to the Mensa next year. He said that takeout meals could very possibly be returning next year, with reusable boxes. Nothing has been made official yet. 

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