William Shakespeare said that life is a stage, and we are merely players. 

From co-leads to co-Directors; Nathan Onsgard, a fourth-year, World History Secondary Education major, and Katriela Caspari, a fourth-year Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Pre-Dental major; are the latest directors for the Wartburg Players.  

Onsgard and Caspari both got involved with Wartburg Players when they first began attending college. However, their involvement in theater goes back to early high school years. 

“It was both of our first years, and we were in the same show, that’s how we met. We were co-leads, said Caspari.  “I came from a background in high school theater and came here thinking there was a theater minor. I saw them at the involvement fair and signed up and have been with them ever since.”  

Onsgard also holds a background in theater, which led him to Wartburg Players.  

“I have been in theater since 6th grade, and when I came to Wartburg, I looked for the first opportunity to be in theater and joined Wartburg Players,” said Onsgard. “Our idea for co-directing came from that first play when we became closer friends and we joked about directing a play together. Then last year we got an email for new student directors and snatched that opportunity up.” 


Caspari currently holds the title of Vice-President of the Wartburg Players. 

“Wartburg Players is a student group on campus and its focus is theatrical production and education. There is no theater major or minor on campus,” said Caspari. “Wartburg players give students the opportunity to be involved in all facets of theater. Backstage set building, design costumes, and of course acting, that’s what Wartburg players embody.” 

Currently the Wartburg players are working on a new show to come on April 1st and April 2nd.  

“Right now, I am co-directing Suite Surrender, with Nathan. Suite Surrender will show April 1st and 2nd,” said Caspari. 

What’s so interesting about this year of shows from the Wartburg Players is that usually the shows are directed by Dr. Pfaltzgraff, but not this year. Plus, the Players are trying something new! 

 “There is usually only one student directed show a year,” said Caspari. “This year we have done two with Peter and Wendy and now Suite Surrender. We are also working towards a couple of improv events so keep your eyes peeled for more info on that.”  

Their current project Suite Surrender showing April 1st and 2nd sets the scene of a hotel in the 1940’s. Two very famous stars get booked in the same hotel room by accident. The major problem is that these two divas hate each other. This leads to mayhem and consistently funny moments as hotel staff and assistants try to keep these two divas from finding out they are living together!  

This specific show has brought a lot of laughs to Caspari and Onsgard while they have been co-directing. 

“A favorite moment so far for me would be the moment with Allison that I can’t share in the newspaper,” said Onsgard. “I can say there is a moment where a character has to stuff his hands down his pants, it looks really bad from the side, but we realized we could get away with it and it made us laugh our butts off.” 

“There was this one very fun blocking scene, the fight between Pipet and Francis,” said Caspari.  “We and the actor added a lot of elements to the scene that really added a lot to it. I love the comedic details we have added to the show. Between the cast and the directors, we have really spiced it up and elevated the show a lot.”  

Suite Surrender will be the last show of the year that Wartburg Players put on, but it is never too late to join. 

The Wartburg Players are free to join at any part of the year. They are always open to help from anyone wanting to participate in any form of theater in college.  

“Anyone can be a part of Wartburg players,” said Caspari. “Just sign up and you’ll start getting the emails, then updates on meetings and new events.”  

Wartburg Players is an organization aimed at pushing students to continue their love for theater in college and educate them beyond the stage as well.  

“Wartburg players is just a really inviting organization that allows a person to get back into theater if they missed it, and grow theatrically, ” said Onsgard. “A Lot of people have come and gotten to do something new and different. It is a great opportunity to explore new ways to act and even to make new friends and hang out with old ones.”  

There is something to do for everyone and anyone who has a love for the world of theater.  

“If you have ever been interested in theater in any form, acting, stage tech, or set design,” said Caspari. “I encourage you to try and get involved. There is a lot to learn in college that Wartburg Players can provide. 


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