The housing lottery for the 2022-2023 school year is quickly approaching. 

Beginning on April 4, students will begin receiving emails with sign-up applications for various housing options on campus. According to Assistant Director of Residential Life Courtney Tripp-Stuck, students should begin planning their living arrangements for next year now. 

“Decide what kind of room you want to live in first,” said Tripp-Stuck. “If you want to live in a double room, you’re going to sign up on a specific day. If you want to live in an eight-person suite, you’re going to sign up on a different day.” 

There are a variety of housing options on campus, from Clinton to Grossmann to the Manors. Housing placements will be determined by the housing lottery. For those unfamiliar with the specifics of the housing lottery, each application will be filled out with one’s housing lottery number, determining who gets priority for the housing options with more limited space. 


“At some point in the next few weeks,” said Tripp-Stuck, “you’ll get emailed a lottery number, which is basically the order you’re going to get preference. Top lottery numbers are going to go to those who are graduating next year. Lowest, or latest, lottery numbers are probably going to those who are first years this year. So, it’s based entirely on when you’re graduating, and then it’s randomized.” 

While the housing lottery process for this coming year will be mostly similar to last year, there will be some changes. Specifically, Founders Hall will be swapped to being a first-year building, and Hebron Hall will be for returning students. Besides these two major changes, there will be some other adjustments to certain Halls. 

“There are a couple of caveats,” said Tripp-Stuck. “In Clinton, the only returning students that will live there are going to be in single rooms, so there can still be returners there, but only if they’re living in a single room. Same thing with Founders, there will potentially still be returning students there, but not in the general rooms, just in single rooms.” 

Furthermore, Hebron Hall will now have “super single rooms,” which are essentially double rooms that only one student lives in. These super single rooms will only be available for upper-division students. This push for more single rooms was actually one of the primary reasons for shuffling around the housing assignments this year. 

“We have a lot of people now who want single rooms, or are getting accommodations for single rooms, which is great,” said Tripp-Stuck, “but we don’t have a lot of single room options. Our goal was to take Hebron and make it so that we can house as many single rooms as there are rooms there, because that’s going to open up a lot of opportunities for returning students who want those options, which is why we need to flip Founders to a first-year building.” 

The recent housing renovation project was also a primary impetus toward the change. 

“It’s a good opportunity with us renovating things to make some changes, so I think that’s part of what’s bringing this on,” said Tripp-Stuck. “It’s something we’ve been thinking about, but now that we are doing the renovations, we’re thinking more about the breakdown of students coming in.” 

The housing lottery will run from April 4 to April 12, with each application being sent out in the morning and closing at 2:00 PM. Students can contact Residential Life for more information. 


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