The Wartburg Water To Thrive student organization have partnered with the Rotary Club of Waverly to fund three wells in the Daela and war-torn Tigray regions of Ethiopia. Each well takes $5,000 dollars to build and can provide clean water for hundreds of people. The student organization’s current goal is to raise money for two more wells this year. With donations in hand from Wartburg Homecoming, partnership with CRAZE microbrewers at Waverly Oktoberfest, and a recent donation by Monica Severson of $2,500, the student group is grateful to announce they have secured funding for the first well. The goal of raising enough for a second well is now in reach with a recent match donation made by Thrivent Financial of another $2,500. The Wartburg Water to Thrive Student organization thanks all of our community partners for their hard work and generosity.

Wartburg Water to Thrive Students and Ed Scharlau, founding Board Member of Water to Thrive, gratefully accept a donation from Monica Severson, later matched by Thrivent Financial.

To help spread awareness of clean water needs, the organization will partner with Wartburg’s women athletic programs to complete a “Water Walk” on March 22, which was declared World Water Day by the United Nations in 1993. This event will see student athletes walk from Wartburg’s center lawn to the river to collect and return with multi-gallon jugs of water – a task performed by many young women daily in Ethiopia.

This May, the student organization will host a separate community dinner of catered traditional Ethiopian food. Tickets for the dinner will be sold online with 100% of all earnings going towards achieving a second well. If interested in partnering with or donating to Water to Thrive efforts please contact Shawn Ellerbroek (shawn.ellerbroek@wartburg.edu) or Hayden Stone (hayden.stone@wartburg.edu).





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