At Wartburg, music is a big part of people’s lives, but not just for the music department.

Anjela Waterman is a singer-songwriter on campus who has released three albums to date with several EPs and singles alike. 

The fourth-year double major in sociology and psychology was introduced to music at a very young age. Her father is a self-taught guitarist who is a part of a cover band and introduced Waterman to the guitar at a very young age.

When a little older, however, her musical talents started to shine.

“In high school, you get to pick what you want to do, and I just went ham with it,” said Waterman. “I was in choir, I was in the chamber choir, I was in the show choir, I was in band, I did everything physically possible for music.”

Waterman’s taste in music has varied throughout the years, and as her taste in music expanded, so did her musical ideas.

“I listened to a lot of ‘ 80’s rock, but now I’m more into alternative and indie just because I feel like that’s my own music style.”

Taste in music isn’t all that influences Waterman; her family’s Korean heritage also plays a key role in her music.

“In my actual music that I write, I feel like in Korea the music I was introduced to by my family members is more flowy and melodic.”

When writing her music, she takes inspiration from all over.

“Most of my music I write about things that happen to me or things that happen around me, I want people to feel my music, so normally when I start writing my songs it’s lyrics, then it’s thoughts, and then I change the syllables and turn them into things that will fit into verses.”

The music that flows through Waterman comes from all stages of her life. It culminates into the art that she creates.






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