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The student body president-elect and vice president-elect for the 2022-2023 school year are third-year Gordy Field and second-year Ryleigh Parrack. 


The student body president-elect and vice president-elect for the 2022-2023 school year are third-year Gordy Field and second-year Ryleigh Parrack. 

They won with 314 votes and 58.26% of the vote in elections Feb. 8. The Sam Bast and Addyson Kaune ticket received 202 votes, which accounted for 37.48% of votes. Write-in votes accounted for 4.27% of the votes for this category. 


Parrack and Field both have strong backgrounds in student government.  

“I was the president of student government in high school, and I just really enjoyed that leadership role and making an impact on my school in general,” said Parrack. 

Field was also the president of his high school’s student body. 

Parrack knew that she wanted to hold an executive position on Wartburg’s Student Senate.  

“I want to make an impact during my time here at Wartburg, and I know this will be a great outlet to do just that,” said Parrack. 

She direct messaged and asked Field about running for a position.  

At first, Field declined the offer but after thinking it over he knew he couldn’t let this opportunity slip by. 

“Right away I texted Ryleigh with my doubts, but I soon realized that there’s a lot of opportunity for great change. I knew this was going to be hard but anything in life that’s worth doing is going to be hard. So, I texted her back and said, “If you want it, let’s do it.” And the rest is history I guess,” said Field. 

They both possess similar leadership skills and goals so they knew they would be a great match. 

“Our main collaborative goal and focus for me and Gordy are to promote transparency between the Senate and the student body,” said Parrack. 

Parrack and Field want to make the Senate more approachable and be a tool for students to make changes. 

“My personal goal would be to promote advocacy for inclusion and diversity on campus,” said Parrack. 

Parrack is excited to learn more about the vice presidency and is looking forward to the prior Vice President, Olivia Hobson, showing her the ropes. 

Third-year Olivia Hobson has served as Vice President for the 2021-2022 school year. 

Hobson has improved her communication, organization, and decision-making skills through various experiences through her elected position. 

Hobson advises Parrack to not be afraid to be bold and mistakes because they are bound to happen. 

“I found that you have to chart your own path and realize that not everything is going to go as planned but that’s OK, you will learn and be better from it,” said Hobson. 

Parrack and Field will assume their positions on the first day of May Term. 

“I wish Ryleigh all the best. I wish everyone to come all the best and you know, just realize it’s a learning process,” said Hobson. 

Parrack wants students to approach her when a problem or suggestion arises. 

“Your voices deserve to be heard just as much as everyone else’s does. Your opinions matter,” said Parrack. 

Field encourages students that are interested in joining Student Senate to do it. Go to to learn more. 

“I would 100% strongly urge every single student who has any interest in Student Senate to join because there’s never too many senators. I am kicking myself because I wish I would’ve joined Senate earlier than I did. I love the direct impact we can have on students,” said Field.  

Grace Coffman and Malcolm Newell were elected to the recorder and treasurer positions. Both Coffman and Newell ran unopposed. 

Newell won with 518 votes and 97.19% of the vote.  

“I finally realized I do want to make a change for the better for Wartburg and leave a positive impact on the school. So, I felt like the Student Senate was a great outlet for that,” said Newell. 

Coffman won with 514 votes and 96.44% of the vote. 

“My goal is to reach as many people as possible and reach more people and have more fluid relationship between the student body and student senate, not keep as many doors closed, a lot more transparency,” said Coffman. 

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