Valentine’s Day has been a day for people to exchange gifts and express their love for each other. However, it often seems that couples are depicted as the only ones to enjoy the holiday. On Wartburg’s campus, students are finding ways to enjoy the holiday coupled or not. 

Reagan Brooks, a first-year student involved in the Dance Team as well as other organizations on campus, shares her opinions on the holiday, which she admits have adapted through the years.

“When I was younger, I always loved creating Valentine’s Day boxes and giving and receiving candy! It was a fun day in school where we got to take a break and enjoy the holiday with fun activities. Now that I am older, I enjoy the holiday for the fact that it is a reminder to reach out to those you love and show your appreciation for them. Whether that be your significant other, friends, family, etc., it is a great time to extend that kindness,” Brooks said.

She is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend of over three years, who she plans to spend at least part of the holiday with.

“I do plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day. My plans are not completely set in stone as of right now, but I do know that I am planning on going out to dinner with my boyfriend. I may also be getting together with some of my best friends to celebrate Galantines!” Brooks said.

Other students seem to echo a similar feeling to the holiday regardless of their relationship status.

Lauren Uveling, a second-year student involved in various organizations around campus including KWAR and ETK, shares her feelings about the holiday.






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