Lura Ajdini is combining her dreams, her family and record sleeves in one art project for her Seminar in Art: Exhibition class. Ajdini is a Graphic Design and Journalism & Communication major from Kosovo. 

“My way of expressing my dreams is through art,” Ajdini said. “I am a very vivid dreamer and I remember dreams. 

Ajdini wants the audience to create their own stories in each of the record sleeves.

“I just want people to not feel trapped in their dreams and be able to express them because they might find peace by doing it,” she said. 

The record sleeves are a combination of vintage and modern, and they will reflect Ajdini’s admire to music. 

“I love music, I am always listening to music, and I wanted to incorporate music in,” Ajdini said.

Alongside the reflection of her dreams on the vinyl sleeves, Ajdini will include her family through making a collage with old photos. 

“I want to dedicate this project to my family,” Ajdini said. “Even though they are not here with me, they are trying to support me as much as they can, however they can.”

Ajdini’s biggest inspiration is Hannah Höch. Höch is a 20th century artist from Germany, known for her collages. 

“I kind of have a connection with her art,” Ajdini said. “It is so not ordinary, that is what I like. I like something different, something abstract, something that brings your imagination to life and that is what she used to do.”

The art project will be exhibited in Waldemar A. Schmidt Gallery later in the year alongside the other projects completed in Seminar in Art: Exhibition. 

Ajdini initially had another idea for her art project that involved survivors of domestic violence. She wanted to make a magazine about the survivors around the world, but she did not get enough stories. 

“I understand that it is so hard for survivors to come out and share their story,” Ajdini said.

For more information, contact Ajdini at




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