Student Senate elections are taking place on Tuesday, Feb. 8, through the Juice. This will be the second year in a row that elections have taken place online. The ticket boasts two pairs for the President and Vice President seats.  

Sam Bast, a fourth-year math major, and Addyson Kaune, a third-year history major, are one of the pairs running for the President and Vice President spots respectively. They are opposed by Gordy Field, a third-year physics major, and Ryleigh Parrack, a second-year music therapy major.  

Grace Coffman, a third-year history major, is running unopposed for the recorder spot. Malcolm Newell, a third-year economics and business administration double major, is running unopposed for the treasurer spot.  

Bast & Kaune 


Bast and Kaune are running on a platform of communication, action, and outreach. One of the main points of their campaign is tabling in the Saemann Student Center every week to increase access and visibility of the Student Senate in the Wartburg community.  

“Being out there and being easily reached is important to us,” said Bast. “If we are more visible in the community, people won’t need to come to us during senate or office hours. We want to be personable and easily reached.” 

Together, Bast and Kaune hope to increase sustainability efforts on campus, particularly when it comes to waste management.  

“It can’t just be, you know, expecting all students to recycle at all times,” said Kaune. “Working on maybe setting up a way to compost in the Mensa would help tremendously with food waste.” 

Promoting and exemplifying the diversity of the student body is a crucial element of Bast and Kaune’s campaign.  

“First thing, for sure would be to create an [executive] team that represents the student body,” said Bast. 

Volunteering is also important to Bast and Kaune. Giving back to the Waverly community is something that they would like to increase in the Student Senate.  

“Because we are representing the student body, we want to make sure that senators are able to take time to give back to not only the Wartburg community, but the Waverly community,” said Kaune. “Things like food banks, blood drives, and packing school bags for children are all incredible volunteering opportunities.” 

Bast will be taking a fifth year at Wartburg, which is allowing him to run for Student Senate President for the second year in a row.  

“I can further my education,” said Bast. “My parents are big proponents of getting a better education and getting it while you can. I’m lucky that it all aligned so I get the chance to run for Student Senate President again.” 

During the 2020-21 academic year, Bast campaigned for the presidency with Victoria Dietz, a third-year political science and social work double major, as his running mate. Kaune had also previously considered running, but never officially announced a campaign.  

“Especially after last year, I think that people who know us, especially our close friends, really want to see us succeed,” said Kaune. “We are very thankful for that support system.” 

Along with Student Senate, Bast is also involved on campus through hosting a radio show on 89.9 KWAR, working in the Mensa, Neumann Crew, and the InfoDesk. Kaune is involved with St. Elizabeth’s Choir as Vice President, the Wartburg Democrats as Secretary, and Neumann Crew along with being a student senator.  

Field & Parrack 


Field and Parrack’s campaign for Student Senate President and Vice President began with Parrack reaching out to Field asking if he would be interested in running.  

“At first, I was kind of hesitant because it is a ton of responsibility,” said Field. “I right off the bat texted her, thanks, but no thanks. Then I thought on it, and knew it would be challenging, but I think it was definitely something I needed to do.” 

Once they decided to run, Field and Parrack solidified their campaign around being voices for the student body as a whole, instead of just themselves. 

“We know that this position isn’t for us, it’s for the students,” said Parrack. “We want to make that a priority for everyone to know.” 

Field and Parrack plan to connect with the student body through meaningful, in-person interactions if elected. 

“Something as simple as walking across the hall and knocking on a door and introducing myself is a way to build connections,” said Field. “They might walk away from that thinking, ‘that was weird,’ but at least I made that face-to-face connection.” 

Promoting education and involvement surrounding culture and diversity on campus is important to Field and Parrack.  

“Gordy and I want to focus on diversity and inclusion around campus,” said Parrack. “Advocating for groups on campus, getting involved, and encouraging self-reflection are all important to our constituency.” 

Field emphasized that he is still learning about the various student groups that are safe spaces for multicultural students on campus.  

“A representative from the African Representative [Council] came to senate and mentioned some events that they were hosting,” said Field. “I felt kind of stupid because I had no idea any of this was happening. Pushing students to attend events hosted by diverse students is something I would want to promote.” 

Assisting with a new College President’s adjustment to Wartburg is something that Field and Parrack feel the weight of.  

“You only get one chance to make a first impression,” said Field. “I think it’s important that if we have a president who is going to sit at this college for the next 20 years, that his first year here be successful.” 

Field is involved on campus as a member of Wartburg Choir, Handbells, the newly founded Physics Society, is a teacher’s assistant in the Chemistry department, and works at the InfoDesk, along with being a student senator. Parrack is a student athlete on the track and cross country teams, a morale captain for Dance Marathon, a member of Kantorei, the resident assistant for Grossman 3 South, and works in the Zesty Orange along with Student Senate.  


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