Two new clubs  — Table Tennis Club and Google Developer Student Club — are coming to campus this term.

They were approved during Fall Term by the Student Senate. The organizations join more than 100 on campus for student involvement, according to the college website.

Tate Jones, a second-year psychology major, is the founder of the Table Tennis Club. He is a seasoned player who has been playing for over a decade since his great-grandfather taught him the game at age 5. He now seeks to bring his passion for the sport to students at Wartburg. 

“I want to get people interested in it, showing people the sport and everything like that,” said Jones. “Sort of challenging them in a way. There is a lot more intricacy than just hitting back and forth.” 

Jones aspires to make the club into something more competitive later. He plans on creating a legacy for prospective students looking to participate in table tennis in college. 

“Down the road, a couple years from now, make it official like an NCAA sport. They do have a league in bigger D1 [Division I] schools, where there are more students. Even if this doesn’t become an official sport, enroll me and a few guys into a tournament. We go there ourselves. Sort of gradually go up with people getting interested into maybe competing,” Jones said. 

However, Jones said he is certain of one thing: for students to enjoy the club. 


“If they just want to play then that’s phenomenal. People playing the game in general makes me happy,” Jones said. 

Jones also stresses the importance of gaining experience.  

“Anyone that comes down to play or hang out, just because one might not as good as the other does not they should have less games. They should have more games to get more experience,” Jones said. 

Getting experience is important to another new club.

The Google Developer Student Club was created by Tsering Tashi, a third-year student who previously founded of the Computer Science Club. That led him to creating the Google Developer Student Club. 

“One of the [Computer Science Club] executive team members told me about this Google Developer Student Club. Then I started applying for Google Developer Club. I thought I could merge Computer Science Club with Google Developer Club, but it turned out not to be the case,” Tashi said. 

Tashi says the club will address needs such as developing skills in Google and Android services.  

“Our club really focuses on emerging technology. If you are trying to avoid F.O.M.O, fear of missing out, our club is the first step to exposure. We are going to introduce Google cloud study jam, where everybody comes and works on Google cloud. And we’ll facilitate that environment, providing free code that will give access to students to those cloud learning labs,” Tashi said. 

The club will also be working toward a larger goal of solving local problems and collaborating with clubs on campus to develop programs and apps for I-Club and Pso Theta Lambda, the business honor society.

“We focus more on collaboration between clubs because there is a lot we can do if we collaborate,” Tashi said. 

Whether learning a sport or a technology, these clubs aim to provide experiences for Wartburg students.   

Those interested in the Table Tennis Club can attend any of their meetings on Wednesday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 1 p.m. For any additional details and information, contact  

For any additional details and information on the Google Developer Student Club, contact






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