Local coffee shop Get Roasted was opened during the pandemic, and business has been booming since.   

The owner and founder of the shop, Dave Thompson, has been roasting his own coffee beverages as a hobby for several years. He began by roasting beans in a popcorn maker and continued to hone his craft through experimentation and taste-tests.   


“I absolutely love coffee,” said Thompson. “I started by using an air popcorn popper on the side of my gas grill to roast coffee beans and it was like ‘Oh my God! This is delicious coffee.’”  

Thompson never anticipated the positivity that Get Roasted has received since opening on April 30. The shop is located on 106 W. Bremer Ave.  

“I had always gotten positive feedback on my product in the past when I would bring it to the Waverly Farmers Market or local businesses,” said Thompson. “I didn’t know just how lucky I would grow to be to have the support and business that I have today. Everything has exceeded expectations.”  

Thompson’s love for and knowledge about coffee has inspired others to add their talents to the shop.   

“I don’t know everything. Having people lend their talents has been the biggest help,” said Thompson. “One of the high school baristas suggested that we start selling salads and she nailed it with that. When we first opened too, another barista has the idea to post a photo of a latte and people loved it.”  

Along with the shop’s staff, Thompson attributes the success of Get Roasted to several factors.   

“We have had such generosity from people just wanting to help out and that’s been absolutely incredible, the amount of support we’ve received,” said Thompson. “Being in the small town of Waverly near Wartburg with no other sit-down coffee shop around has been the perfect location too.”  

When conceptualizing Get Roasted, Thompson wanted it to be a place Wartburg students, along with others, could go to study and hang out.  

“I think their coffee is amazing,” said third-year journalism and communication and graphic design double major Britta Williams. “I just got a macchiato there this morning, actually, because it’s just that hard to resist. They are so friendly, and the space is really welcoming. It’s a great environment to concentrate or have a meeting.”  

Wartburg students who visit Get Roasted said they appreciate the thought that is put into their work. The wall illustrating various coffee drinks is particularly interesting to college students, many of whom have learned about new drinks from the wall.   

“Sometimes I hear the name of a coffee drink and don’t know what it means but the wall does such a good job of showing what’s in each drink and how they’re all different. It’s so cool,” said Williams.  

Looking ahead, Thompson hopes to expand what he has done so far.   

“I want to do more food, especially more grab-and-go options. We have breakfast burritos right now that we make in the mornings, and I would love to experiment with that kind of thing more moving forward,” said Thompson.   

Get Roasted is open daily. The hours are 6-5 Monday-Thursday, 6-3 Friday-Saturday, and 8-12 on Sundays. 

Get Roasted can be found @getroastedcoffeecompany on Facebook and @getroastedcoffeeiowa on Instagram.  


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