You sit in your dorm room, bored, stressed and burnt out. You want something to do but don’t have a lot of cash or time to spend. Never fear, ETK is here.   

Entertainment ToKnight is the student-run event planning organization. It focuses on entertaining all 1,500-plus Wartburg Knights. For free. 


“ETK is an organization that makes me feel at home here at Wartburg because of all of the warm memories that come along with the events,” Madison Freeland, fourth-year journalism and communication student, said.   

ETK has been rebounding from COVID-19 planning, when events had to be held in different and distanced ways. 

“It’s about providing engaging and accessible programming for every student on campus, because it’s important that we serve the students that we have in a safe and accessible way for any student who wants to attend,” Rachel Green, ETK president, said.   

Entertainment ToKnight is bouncing back after trying to plan community events in a pandemic.   

Amid  thepandemic, the organization was able to host a handful of events including bingos, ice cream trucks and even a hypnotist.   

“A lot of activities or engagement were not available because people weren’t able to go to sporting events, or concerts, or anything of that nature. I think last year a lot of focus on the campus community was put on ETK just because it was the place where you could go and do something. That momentum has led into this year now,” Green said.   

Although the programming is funded through student activities fees, students do not have to pay additional fees at the events.  

“We have planned lots of new inclusive events that we hope will draw in different crowds of people. We’re planning an open mic night [for Winter Term] and have planned old favorites like bingo,” Mackenzie West, ETK co-sponsorship and promotions executive, said.   

The organization is run by seven students and their advisor, Josh Bulten.   

“I am passionate about creating events because I know Wartburg is a special place and we are not like every other college or university. Wartburg is a community. We are about our student body, and we want to provide opportunities for our student body to get out and interact with each other,” Nelson, ETK social media coordinator said.   

ETK has several events lined up for the winter semester including open mic nights, Super Bowl party kits and a comedy night.  

“Organizations like ETK are vital to campus life. They create cohesiveness and inclusivity throughout the campus by offering fun events for all students to enjoy. Without event planning orgs, it is difficult for that to be attained in a way that is safe,” West said.   

To keep up to date with ETK, you can find them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at etk_wartburg.  


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