There’s a new weekly event happening on campus for fans of film and culture –
watching German films.

Every Sunday night at 7 p.m. in Luther 330, a different German film from history is being shown. The organizer of the event, assistant professor of German, Ethan Blass, says it’s a fun time for anybody.

“The movies are not only informative, but entertaining as well,” said Blass. “We just watched a movie from 1933 and are going to be moving through the years by watching the movies.”

This all started as an out-of-class activity for German Culture Through Film, which is
taught by Blass and currently has six students enrolled in the class. It’s the first year
that watching the films has taken place on a Sunday evening and been open to the student body. Anybody from any major can come and enjoy the films.

Blass said that there have been around 10 people at each of the films so far, but there’s room for more. The films also have English subtitles.

In addition to being enjoyable, Blass said the films are informative as well.

“You can learn a lot about German history from watching these films,” Blass said.

Fourth year elementary education major Makayla Schluter agrees with Professor Blass about the informative aspect of the films.

“I like learning the German language and culture through these films and the films supplement the learning from class as I am able to hear the German language in more authentic settings,” Schluter said. “I think the films could be beneficial for all students because it will give them a look into German culture and language. Wartburg College is heavily influenced by German culture. I think we
as Wartburg Knights should take an initiative to learn more about these cultural influences that make our second home what it is”.

If students have any questions or want to learn more about the films being shown, contact Professor Ethan Blass at ethan.blass@wartburg.edu


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