The Wartburg community will keep wearing masks inside college buildings – classrooms, dining areas and communal areas. Masks are not required in larger areas, according to a recent change.

Student reaction is mixed on the policy change. 

“I think masks are completely pointless, in my opinion. The masks that we wear to protect against COVID do not even protect people from smoke inhalation. Another reason why I believe they are pointless is because the people who I am around in my room are the only people I could potentially spread COVID to. I will never be around someone else long enough to spread COVID,” said sophomore Rachel MacDonald.

“I think the mandate that was just instituted has pros and cons, as would any mandate. The phrase, “It’s cool to not wear masks” doesn’t make a ton of sense to me. I trust those in power to make the decisions they feel to be the most beneficial to our health as a student body,” said junior Phillip Field.

The Campus Health Recovery Team decided on Sept. 19, 2021 to keep masks on campus, but limit them to smaller, less-socially distance areas. Masks were reinstated in announcement from President Darrel Colson on Aug. 20.

For more information regarding the Wartburg College mask protocol, go to


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