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Wartburg College recently established the Robert Holtz Memorial Scholarship to celebrate the life and generosity of Robert “Bob” Holtz.  


Wartburg College recently established the Robert Holtz Memorial Scholarship to celebrate the life and generosity of Robert “Bob” Holtz.  

(l to r) Raymond Schirmer, estate executor and cousin of Robert Holtz; Don Meyer, senior gift planner; Bill Holtz, brother of Robert Holtz .

Holtz was a longtime supporter of Wartburg, providing the annually funded Robert Holtz Scholarship to students from Delaware County for nearly two decades. Upon his passing in 2020, Holtz gifted $500,000 to establish an endowed scholarship, which will benefit students from northeast Iowa, with preference to students from Delaware or Clayton counties, who have a rural background and demonstrate an aptitude for learning.  

“Bob was committed to helping young people from eastern Iowa receive a quality, affordable education at institutions like Wartburg or wherever they chose to attend,” said Scott Leisinger, Wartburg vice president for institutional advancement. “His focus was always on the students. He regularly attended our annual scholarship luncheon and felt so much pride in seeing these young people succeed; and of course, his generosity helped to make that possible.”  

Alaina Lynch, a 2006 Wartburg graduate, was the first benefactor of the annually funded Robert Holtz Scholarship and received the scholarship all four years of her college career.  

Alaina Goos Lynch, a 2006 Wartburg graduate and first recipient of the annually funded Robert Holtz Scholarship.

“What is success if not shared with others?” asked Lynch, from Manchester. “Both sides of my family farmed in Delaware County, and when pursuing higher education, I was honored to have been chosen for and received the Robert Holtz Scholarship, which helped cover college expenses. It was incredible to know a true entrepreneur with exceptional intellect and creative power. I was privileged to attend luncheons with Bob and get to know him directly while I was a student thanks to the Development Office.”  

Holtz was born on his home farm in Greeley and worked as a farm hand until he entered the U.S. Army in 1952. Upon his honorable discharge, Holtz returned to the farm until his death. He also founded Holtz Construction, which built farm buildings and grain bins.  

“His pride in our modest rural community is evident in the generosity he has bestowed on its members,” said Lynch. “I am grateful to have known and benefited from his success. He has absolutely left a legacy for our community.”  

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