A new season came March 20. Despite the snow in mid-March, the weather is getting warmer and the sun is staying longer.

With spring comes an end to seasonal depression, but it could linger.

As a new season approaches us four times per year, people feel the need to declutter their homes to feel more content only to do the same project again in about three months.

When writing my column this week, I thought of a few ideas to help people declutter their workspace, but also put their mind in a happier place. It is all about improving ourselves and creating an environment that best helps us to succeed.

Avoid doing homework in your bed 

I watched a video on YouTube titled, “Lockdown Productivity: Spaceship You” by CGP Grey. Something I learned from the video that I think is valuable to improve ourselves is the importance of separating your homework space and your sleep space. When you do your homework in your bed, you lack focus because your bed is a place you designate for one activity: sleeping. Making it a point to do your homework in a certain area, like your desk, you are more likely to turn your attention to just your homework. This is a similar concept to your bed being a place where you sleep because you gave it that role.


I was reading an article online from the Better Health Channel, which discussed the benefits of exercise to improve one’s mental health. There were two points that were made that I thought were noteworthy, and they go pretty hand-in-hand. One said, “Physical activity can be an outlet for your frustrations.” The second said, “Exercise can distract you from negative thoughts and provide opportunities to try new experiences.” Speaking from experience, building up bad energy inside you can be extremely overwhelming to handle. The bad energy you have created for yourself can limit your happiness. If an opportunity arises that will distract you from any negativity going on in your life, take it. I am still learning to take advantage of these activities.

Enjoy some fresh air

It is finally spring! When I think of spring, I think of the flowers blooming in so many different colors, the trees getting their leaves back, the grass finally becoming green again, and most importantly, the sun shining a little more frequently. What more can you ask for when you are outside under these beautiful conditions? In fact, fresh air increases happiness. According to an article by the HuffPost, “the scent of pine trees decreases stress and increases relaxation and even walking through a park or your own backyard can help you feel calmer and happier when you catch a whiff of freshly cut grass.” 

Journal or write a letter

Writing in a journal has so many benefits. According to Positive Psychology, a few of those benefits allow you to release pent-up feelings and everyday stress, let go of negative thoughts, write about your struggles and your successes, and journaling helps you enhance your self-awareness and teach you about your triggers. Keeping a journal can be used in so many ways. Please read Positive Psychology’s article when you have the chance because while I was reading it, I learned a few ideas that I can utilize in my journal. 

In addition, writing a letter to someone in your life like a friend or a family member can help you express your gratitude. For me, I love writing letters because who doesn’t love receiving mail other than bills? Writing letters gives me the chance to let someone in my life know how much I value them and their value to the world. Knowing that with my letter, I can put a smile on someone’s face fills my heart with so much joy. Never pass up an opportunity to tell someone that they are appreciated. 

Listen to music

Personally, music is the best way for me to clear my mind. When I am going through a tough time, I like to listen to music that corresponds with the mood I am in. 

Yes, I am that person who listens to sad music when I am sad and happy music when I am happy. I feel like when I am sad, I should be allowed to feel that way. And when I am feeling sad, I do not have the motivation to be happy in that moment. 

Listening to music where the words describe what situation I am going through allows me to relate to the songs that much more. It lets me know that I am not going through it alone and others have been in similar positions as me.

The fact that music has the power to make me feel at peace is why I enjoy it. Additionally, finding new music from artists I have never heard of that also fit my mood is icing on the cake. Then, it gives me the chance to listen to something different on repeat instead of my playlists I listen to on a consistent basis. Hooray for new songs to ruin for myself! (All jokes, though.)






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