Students craving a tattoo now can quench their thirst. On Sep. 15, 2020, Twisted Fate tattoo parlor moved from Cedar Falls to Waverly. 

Twisted Fate hosts multiple tattoo artists from the area, including owner Trevor Deutsch. The parlor only offers custom tattoos, not pre-drawn ones, said Deutsch, and is currently considering offering piercings. The studio operates by giving the most flexible service to its customers, consulting with them and drawing drafts of their dream tattoo before applying it to the client’s body. 

Since the studio reopened during a pandemic, it created a roadblock in moving. “Horrible,”  Deutsch said to describe running a tattoo parlor during a pandemic. Despite the impact the pandemic has had on marketing and logistics, Deutsch thinks a COVID-19 outbreak in the shop is very unlikely. 

“Any reputable and honest-operating tattoo studio already takes so many precautions against blood-borne pathogens and other illnesses,” Deutsch said, “our procedures really never had to change.” 

According to the Iowa Department of Public Health, Governor Kim Reynold’s Proclamation of Disaster Emergency (Proclamation) in response to COVID-19. Parts of the Proclamation provided relief to various professions that require a license, certification or permit. The tattoo program falls under one of those professions listed in the proclamation.  Since March, the Governor has extended the provisions in the Proclamation. At this time it appears that the Proclamation will be extended for months to come. However, it is unknown how long the Proclamation will ultimately remain in place. 

Owner, Trevor Deutsch

Tattoo artists and establishments that have a permit that expired or will expire during the time period covered by the Proclamation can continue to work for as long as the Proclamation provisions are in place. However, tattoo artists and establishment owners are highly encouraged to renew their permit on time, or as close to on time as possible. Both the first aid certification and blood borne pathogen certifications required to renew can be completed remotely, the proclamation also said.  

What makes Twisted Fate stand out  is their Think Campaign. According to Deutsch, the campaign is a forgotten project, but he said he has considered reviving it since the relocation. The Think Campaign was designed by Deutsch to educate middle school, high school and college students about the dangers of substance abuse, gambling, unsafe sex and most importantly, tattoos. 

“Why would we not talk to [kids] about tattoos?” Deutsch said. “I mean, they’re permanent.” 

The campaign only had four events in the past – one at a public library in Cedar Falls and the other three at a local school. Deutsch said his goal was to warn students of the harm that can come from getting a tattoo that they could later regret. The campaign also helps students understand how tattoo parlors work, what questions to ask artists, how to find decent artists and shops and what to avoid during this process. 

“You know, and if you want a tattoo, great. Obviously I’m pro-tattoo,” Deutsch said. “But I want to make sure what you get is what you really want, and something that’s going to be timeless for you.” 

Twisted Fate will be celebrating 10 years of existence later in February. To book an appointment, call the shop at 319-415-0042. 



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