Josh Bulten, the new Student Director Residence of Life, was introduced Thursday, Jan. 28, as the Wartburg Student Senate for the second time of Winter Term.

Senators discussed their concerns that more water fountains need to be added on campus because of their closure due to COVID-19. It was also discussed that the campus’ network connection must also be improved due to connection problems.

After the briefing, Dr. Daniel Kittle announced a new COVID-19 measure that will take effect immediately. The measure allows students who have been exposed or have been tested positive for COVID-19 to be quarantined seven to 10 days. Depending on the specifics of the case, a student can end quarantine after 10 days or can return in seven with a negative test result.

Treasurer Jordan Flaherty announced an increase in funding for possible new additions to campus. Senators took turns sharing ideas of what could be added. A senator recommended an ice machine while another proposed giving all students reusable bags for next year. Another proposal was purchasing new washers and dryers for Centennial the other Complex dorms.

Vice President Emma Williams announced new hours for Vogel Library to increase social distancing, due to the decrease in numbers of students. New hours can be found on The Juice or the Vogel library website at

The Academic Ombudsman, Brett Kelting, has announced two new Student Leadership scholarships will be coming next year. Each is $500.

The Election Commission said that it is prepping for the Student Election debate at 7:30 p.m. on February 2. It is unsure if the debate will be held in person or via Zoom.




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