Wartburg Student Senate had its final meeting of the Fall Term on Thursday, Nov. 19. Information on the Leadership and Service Summit was given by guest speakers Dr. Theresa Moore, assistant director of the Institute for Leadership Education, and Dr. Michael Gleason, director of the Institute for Leadership Education and associate professor of leadership.

The Leadership and Service Summit is a weeklong summer leadership program where high school students design projects that are unique to their individual passions and show off their leadership skills. Prospective students who choose to attend Wartburg will get a $1,000 scholarship every year for four years if they participate in the program.

The cost is normally $750 and $650 for early registration but will only be $150 in summer of 2021 as it will be conducted virtually. 

“There are challenges with going remote, so I am going to be intentionally designing it so that there is engagement,” said Moore. “It’s not going to be a lot of just sit and get Zoom time.”

Mentors in this program are eight Wartburg students who are trained during the Winter Term. They will serve as mentors in the summer during the program and provide support to the students throughout their next year at Wartburg. These mentors will receive a stipend at the end of the summer for $200 and another one for $200 at the end of the academic year.

Applications for the 2021 program will be due January 29 and registration will be in April. It will take place from June 20 to 26. Students are encouraged to share this information with high school students who may be interested in this experience. 

The Senate also took time in this meeting to approve the start of the new computer science club. This club will be a way for computer science majors to communicate and challenge each other.

The Diversity Committee has been working on creating a Discord server. Updates on this project were given during the meeting. More information will be given as this project continues. This server will be a virtual community during the Winter Term called “The Virtual Castle.” During times of isolation and social distancing, this is a way to offer a safe space and an opportunity for students to interact with each other.

Some reminders that were given before students leave for break are checking mailboxes so they are not overflowing and returning library books to avoid fees. Another reminder was to continue wearing masks both on and off campus and to avoid large gatherings over break.

Dean Daniel Kittle shared in his advisor report that three to five students will be hired next semester to help meet the needs of students and help students remain vigilant during these changing times. He is looking for students with majors in public health, journalism, social work, psychology, or any other student who has an interest in this. More information will be sent out in The Juice. Kittle also reminded students that Wartburg West applications are due January 15 and are available at



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