In the Student Senate meeting on the morning of Thursday, Nov. 12, the new schedule for Winter Term was addressed by student body president Yusra Malik. Students will now start classes on Monday, Jan. 18.

Malik had a meeting with Dean of Faculty Cheryl Jacobsen to discuss concerns about the rising number of COVID-19 cases that are predicted to happen all around the country over the holiday break. The Winter Term start date was pushed back so students would not be going back to school during this predicted peak.

“Since we were originally supposed to come back January 5, we would still be falling into that exposure time of New Years Eve,” said Malik. “They were concerned about the physical health of the students in regards to that. The calendar was taken into reconsideration due to these COVDI-19 projections because they were going to be so high.”


With the start date pushed back, the end date of the semester was also changed. Winter Term will end April 21 with finals week occurring April 22 – 27. This means Tour Week will be cut short, with May Term beginning May 3.

The mental health days that the Senate executive team are still under consideration. It is planned that February 9 and 24 will be taken off from classes, along with Good Friday and Easter Monday.

New resolutions were also addressed in this meeting. A supplemental request for V-Day was passed, and $22.78 of the $28.48 requested was granted, due to the 80% rule. However, Treasurer Jordan Flaherty has suggested a suspension on this rule so 100% of requests may be received. A resolution to add a Computer Science Club will be voted on next week.

Flaherty also addressed the tuition increase for the 2021-2022 school year and how scholarships that have already been granted will not increase with tuition.

Holiday Shoppe is looking for volunteers on December 4 and 5 on campus. Students who will not be in the area during this time are also able to volunteer before break by buying gifts for this event.

The Mensa is considering changes for take out options and students with ideas are encouraged to contact Connor Moore to send these ideas to Marty Johnson, director of dining services.

Vice president Emma Williams gave an update about Outfly shirt re-orders. The shirts should be coming in the Tuesday before break. If they are not available at this time, they will be when students come back for Winter Term. 

Williams also requests that students contact her if they know of any places that need cardboard donations or recycling, as there is a large amount of cardboard left over from Outfly.Today was Dance Marathon push day, and students are able to use this link to donate to this cause:

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