During the full senate meeting on the morning of Thursday, Oct. 29, the plan of adding mental health days to the winter term in place of Winter Break was passed. The executive team will have a meeting this afternoon with President Darrel Colson to present this resolution.

Two options will be presented for the resolution, both including four days off from classes. The first option includes two consecutive days off in the first half of the semester, and two consecutive days off in the second half of the semester. The second option is having four individual days off that are spread out through the semester.

“This resolution is something that the executive team really believes in and I can say with 100% certainty that we will advocate for this cause and do everything in our power to work with the faculty and administration to determine an equitable solution for the winter term schedule,” Grace Greving, student senate recorder, said at the meeting.

While specific dates for the days off are out of the senate’s control, the senate has given a layout that will be presented to President Colson. The suggested days off for the first option are Feb. 2 and 3, and Mar. 3 and 4. For the second option, the suggested days off are Jan. 21, Feb. 10, Feb. 23 and Mar. 10. Both of these options would include online classes for April 5, 6 and 7. Finals would remain on April 12 through 16, and May term would still begin on May 3.


Information from the meeting between President Colson and the executive team will be released in the student senate’s minutes after this meeting takes place. If this resolution is not passed by President Colson, the student senate executive team plans to develop a new plan that benefits students.

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