At two in the morning on Sunday, October 18, security at Wartburg College received a report from a resident assistant that the Hebron 2 shower room was covered in graffiti — not the first instance of vandalism in the dorm in the last year.

Shower stalls, walls, the inside of the door, and even the windows were written on with a black marker.

The graffiti contained messages such as “sex for life,” “sex is amazing,” “go Knights” and “Wartburg for life.”

In general, Wartburg College spends less than $1,000 a year cleaning up or replacing items that have been marked with graffiti, said college officials. However, the cost increases if you add in vandalism, which can be anything from broken windows to stolen wet floor signs.

“At this point, we have no leads on who did this,” said Jay Tommasin, director of campus security at Wartburg. “It essentially could have been anyone.”

Hebron is an all-male hall located within the Centennial Complex at Wartburg with approximately 130 residents. There are no cameras in some Hebron halls, so investigating vandalism is difficult for security. Last year, a window got smashed in Hebron’s first-floor bathroom.

“Last year we had to have a floor meeting about the window being broken, and they threatened to fine all of us because no one would admit to it,” said Paul Seitz, third-year and Hebron 2 resident, “so I hope it doesn’t get to that point again and that whoever did it just comes forward.”

Courtney Stuck, area coordinator for Hebron, said that Resident Services plans to use all the tools they have possible to identify people who may have been involved with vandalizing the shower room.

“It really could have been anyone who was in Hebron at the time,” said Stuck, “it wouldn’t necessarily have to be a Hebron 2 resident.”

Resident Life does have a plan if the responsible party is found.

“If we end up finding who did this,” said Stuck, “they will be charged a fee to clean the surfaces the marker was on.”

The word “sex” was written multiple times in the shower room including on the door and stalls. Because of the reckless nature, it is possible that the person or people involved could have been intoxicated at the time. Hebron is one of the dry halls at Wartburg, but Seitz said alcohol has been an issue with his floormates in the past.

“They could have been intoxicated,” said Stuck, “but sometimes people make poor decisions for reasons we don’t understand.”

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