Student Senate sent a survey via email to collect student testimonials regarding the information previously released about Winter Term at 8:06 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 19.

Students can remain anonymous or state their name in their response. Student Senate hopes that the college will use these to understand how students are feeling about the  new changes to the calendar and make changes accordingly.

The email said, “The Student Senate Executive asks you complete this form regarding the new Winter Term schedule. We are compiling student testimonials with feedback about the changes in the academic calendar as it is our role to serve the student population. We want to gauge the student body’s thoughts, any and all feedback is welcome. Feel free to email with any questions. “

Emma Williams, student body vice  president, said this email and survey will allow Student Senate to fulfill their job duties and listen to the student body.

“”It is essential that Student Senate hears the voices of students to accurately represent the student body,” Williams said. “To do this best, we are looking for student testimonials to confirm our understanding of the student body’s reaction to the updated Winter Term calendar.”


Winter term will begin January 5 and end April 12. There will be no Winter Break, instead students will receive one and a half days off, beginning with a shortened class period on Ash Wednesday, February 17 and a full day off on the following Thursday, February 18. Finals will be remote April 6 through April 9 and Tour Week has been extended from April 12 through April 23. May Term will begin April 26 and end with final exams on May 20. Commencement has been moved to Sunday, May 23, however there is no final decision on how the ceremony will be conducted.

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