Elderbrook: “Why Do We Shake in the Cold?”

Elderbrook. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

English singer-songwriter Elderbrook released his second full-length album, “Why Do We Shake in the Cold?” last month. Over the course of 11 tracks, the artist takes his listener through some of this year’s calmest pop songs.

With a minimalistic approach to pop, Elderbrook does not go very far outside of the box. In fact, what he does is quite rudimentary. However, do not let this dissuade you, because some artists who go by the book actually know how to read. The album climaxes with the title track and simmers out with coda “Next December,” which gives it a nice flow, making it well-equipped for whatever a day might hold.

Pillow Queens: “In Waiting”

Pillow Queens deliver pure indie rock on their debut album “In Waiting.” Photo courtesy of Flickr.

The Irish indie rock group Pillow Queens released its first full-length album, “In Waiting,” last month. In ten tracks, the group creates swirling tones and steady rhythms to deliver their hypnotic style of the genre.

Guitarists, take note – this album has some smooth licks in it. Among the musicianship comes soft vocal melodies and nice production. In fact, the band sounds like a garage band was given studio equipment – it has a certain amount of punkiness to add into the mellow mix. This is a nice album for everyday activities, especially during happy days.

Netta Barzilai: “Goody Bag”

It was 2018 when Israeli singer Netta Barzilai won the Eurovision Song Contest with her single “Toy,” the first track on her debut EP “Goody Bag” released in June. This release is just five tracks, but it has more flavor than most releases of the year.

Barzilai’s lively, energetic vocal barrage is her strong point, and it is further animated by the fun instrumentals and beats. She is not afraid to venture into experimental vocal techniques and create an interesting listening experience. While the last track, “Cuckoo,” gets a little slow, the majority of this EP is ideal for a busy afternoon or time at the gym.

Kelly Lee Owens: “Inner Song” 

Neon lights in the rain is what comes to mind when listening to the sophomore full-length album from this UK artist. “Inner Song” was released in August and remains one of the year’s more lucid records.

Kicking off with a cover of Radiohead’s “Arpeggi,” Kelly Lee Owens introduces her new album as otherworldly and transcendental. The track “Re-Wild” is enough to turn heads with its soothing melodies and vocal lines. Try this album when working on homework, reading, going for a walk or just relaxing on a rainy day.


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