Wartburg’s Student Senate, an on-campus organization of elected student senators and an executive team, works as a link between students and the administration to address student issues and make improvements to the school.

According to Dr. Daniel Kittle, advisor to the Student Senate and dean of students, this formal connection between students and administration would not exist without the organization. 

Student issues are addressed in weekly senate meetings at 11:30 a.m. on Thursdays and are open to the public. During this time, senators have a chance to state student and campus problems along with possible changes they have seen or heard to the executive team, which includes Yusra Malik, student body president.

“Each year, there is a campus improvement project and hall improvement projects,” Malik said. “Some examples of these would be new shower curtains in residence halls, whiteboards, curtains in the Mensa that are still in progress to be installed, and much more.”

All students are able to express concerns and ideas they have for Wartburg to the senate. 

Along with student issues, Student Senate helps to improve Wartburg in other ways. Student Senate helps organizations apply for supplemental requests to pay for events and conference expenses, updating and enhancing living halls, organizing Outfly and planning large school events.

“Over the years the Senate has allocated a great deal of resources to student organizations, student initiatives, campus improvement projects, as well as supported students attending professional conferences,” Kittle said.

Members of Student Senate want to make a difference at Wartburg, and many groups and organizations have benefitted from senate.

Jaki Dembouski, fourth-year music therapy major, is one of the many people who have directly benefited from Student Senate. She, along with other flute players, were able to attend the Iowa Flute Festival at Grinnell College in 2019 without paying the entire fee on their own because the senate was able to cover 80% of the cost. 

“Getting the financial funding from Student Senate allowed the students who attended to enjoy the event without worrying that it was too much money from their own pocket,” Dembouski said.

To be a part of Student Senate, students must apply through The Juice in the fall, then be voted on by the executive team to be accepted. Elected senators must also take an oath to honor Wartburg policies. There are 49 general senators and an 8-person executive team.

“I wanted the opportunity to join an organization on campus where I could meet a lot of people and also feel like I was doing something to better the campus as well as the students throughout campus,” Ella Brase, second-year Student Senate member, said.

Senate members are representatives to a floor or building in each residence hall. After each meeting, members send important topics that were discussed that day to the living area they represent.

For more information about Student Senate, contact Malik at 



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