The semi-annual Large Event for Entertainment ToKnight (ETK) has been postponed from the Fall 2020 Term to the Winter 2021 Term due to COVID-19. The decision ETK staff made along with the Campus Health Recovery Team is to ensure the safety of everyone on campus.

With the unpredictable future of COVID-19, it had been difficult for ETK staff to plan details for an event this far into the future. However, the executive team believed that postponing the date would give them more time to plan a safe and entertaining event.

“We will rely heavily on our relationships with local health department officials and follow the best guidance from the health department and CDC to make sure that whatever we do is keeping everyone safe while also having a really fun and engaging event,” Kalyani Kannan, ETK advisor, said.

At an outdoor concert held earlier in the school year, social distancing was enforced along with wearing masks while at the event. Photo provided by Alexa Ganzeveld.

Delaying the event would allow staff to make any possible changes without rushing or making last-minute decisions. 

“We want to make sure that the decisions we’re making are honoring our campus community,” Kannan said. “Our budget comes through student fees so we don’t want to spend their money on an event that’s going to be unsafe or that’s going to flop.”

ETK’s main goal for this event is to use its resources in a way that will best benefit the Wartburg community. The Large Event has been held in Levick Arena in the past, but a new location may be needed this year to safely allow such a large group of people to attend. 

ETK coordinators said they hope to see a positive reaction from students for this change, as it was done to best benefit everyone involved.

“Both as a student and as an ETK executive, I was pleased with the change of date as it provides ample time and energy to be devoted to hosting a safe and fun event,” Rachel Green, second-year journalism and communications major, said.

The 2018 event sold close to 1,500 tickets. The new location, along with what will take place at the event, has not yet been determined. 

In past years, this event has been a huge success, with performers such as All American Rejects, Andy Grammar, The Fray, Maroon 5 and others. 

“I hope all knights are getting pumped for this event. Live music is always a great way to have fun in this stressful time,” Kenzie West, second-year Wartburg student and ETK co-sponsorships and promotions coordinator, said. “The ETK team and I are thrilled to share this experience with the student body.”

Even with the added challenges of COVID-19, ETK still plans on hosting an event that is just as successful as previous years.

More information will be added to ETK’s social media pages.



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