While the senior art exhibition has come to an end on Tuesday, Sept. 8 at the Waldemar A. Schmidt Art Gallery at Wartburg College, another exhibition is already set to meet with students on campus. 

“Take Two stands for let’s try this again,” Johanna Kramer-Weston, Waldemar A. Schmidt Art Gallery Director, said. Take-Two was the theme of the 2020 graduating class’ artwork. Kramer has been in contact with the graduating class to organize the exhibition even during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Due to the challenges COVID-19 has presented the senior exhibit that was initially set to take place in April was canceled. However, on Aug. 10, the gallery was able to showcase the work done by students who remained on campus after Wartburg moved to distance learning for the Spring Term. 

“We still wanted to be able to give those seniors an opportunity to show off the projects they did work on,” Kramer said. 

While only three students’ artwork was showcased in the gallery, the remaining five students’ art is still open to visitors at Waldemar A. Schmidt Gallery’s Instagram page, @waldemarschmidtgallery. 

“Take Two stands for let’s try this again.”

– Johanna kramer-Weston

Angeline Neo, one of the recent art graduates who remained on campus after the COVID-19 outbreak, had her art presented in the gallery. Her art illustrates her different experiences in her home country of Malaysia and at Wartburg. The unique aspect of her art is she brings augmented reality in her art. 

Neo, who is currently employed as a marketing executive at a medical center in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, was disappointed that her art was hidden in the gallery’s Instagram posts. She was also upset that the art exhibition did not happen the way it was planned. Neo was supposed to give a speech at an event called “Senior Dinner.”

“If it is possible, she [Kramer] can put one picture per post,” Neo said.

Kramer suggested the senior exhibition is a unique and novel opportunity for students studying at Wartburg. She also encouraged students to visit the art gallery to see what is going on campus. 

The gallery will be hosting another artist, Kim Behm. Behm, an artist from Cedar Falls, is a retired faculty member from Hawkeye Community College. “To Have and Have Not” will be on display until Sunday, Oct. 25.

“A lot of his current paintings have to deal with a lot of the dichotomy between those people in our culture,” Kramer said. “It also touches upon a lot of social justice issues, the cult of personality and politics.” 

One of Behm’s paintings currently on display. Photo by Katie Hirv.

The exhibition will be open to the public, but will not feature the opening reception or gallery talk prior to the opening of the gallery. However, there will be an interview posted on Waldemar A. Schmidt Gallery’s Instagram account.

The Waldemar A. Schmidt Art Gallery is open daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.



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