Wartburg added new policies relating to symbols or signs of expression to the Wartburg Student Handbook, according to the Juice on Monday, Sept. 14. 

The Symbolic Expression Policy and Posting Policy are meant to “encourage civic engagement while creating and maintaining a mutually respectful environment that celebrates diversity,” according to a college statement.  

Symbols of hate or oppression are not permitted except for while teaching, displayed in college-approved art or educational or historical displays, the Symbolic Expression Policy says. These symbols include the Confederate flag, swastikas and slurs related to race, sexual orientation, gender, religion or other identities. Hate symbols are banned from Wartburg College properties and events and may not be displayed on apparel. 

If the situation arises, Student Life staff will establish a panel of three Wartburg employees to determine if an expression is a symbol of hate. Appeals can be directed to Dr. Dan Kittle, dean of students, and the appealed decision will be final. 

The Posting Policy allows signs to be posted in student rooms, windows and doors that align with the College’s Symbolic Expression Policy. Also, the policy states student organizations may post signs supporting political candidates, issues and platforms as long as the endorsement does not claim to come from the college. 

Incidents violating both policies can be reported by submitting a See Something, Say Something report on info.wartburg.edu. See the handbook to view the new policies in full. 

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