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“My family and I decided it would be best for me to return home.”

Jenna Brannaman, Wartburg College student body vice president

After choosing to voluntarily leave campus due to the coronavirus pandemic, Jenna Brannaman, student body vice president, made a statement about her decision.

“Given the current status of the events across the nation and decisions made by similar institutions due to Coronavirus, my family and I decided it would be best for me to return home,” Brannaman said. “We are all unaware of the future timeline of COVID-19 but I do know that we all have an obligation to be globally smart during this national emergency. This is my step to taking those precautionary measures for myself and others.”

In a statement to Knight Wire, Trevor Hurd, Wartburg College student body president, commented on Wartburg’s decision to cancel trips to Tour Week and May Term. 

“At this time I believe that Wartburg College is working diligently to understand the scientific nature of COVID-19 and prepare accordingly,” Hurd said. “It is Wartburg’s responsibility to look out for the welfare of its students and I am obliged to believe that they are seeking to do just that. I encourage any concerned or curious students to direct their attention to info center. ”

Jenna Brannaman, Wartburg student body vice president, and Trevor Hurd, student body president.

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