Mackenzie Nuanez, second-year Wartburg Track & Field team member, runs in an event. (Submitted Photo)



The past couple of days have been very difficult for not just myself but many of my peers and others that participate in athletic programs. For me, our conference, the American Rivers Conference (A-R-C), made a statement this morning that all remaining winter sports and all spring sports seasons have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus. The reason for this cancellation is to ensure the safety of the student athletes and also for all the students on our campus. 

This whole situation has been a big rollercoaster of emotions and feelings with the season being cancelled for our sports teams. I did not cry, but I was very upset and felt depressed that the NCAA had made the decision to cancel the entire outdoor track season. I know all of my teammates are upset as well about the situation. 

My coach is going to have a meeting with us next Monday to discuss the situation and what will happen. I just hope that we can at least continue to practice as a team and prepare for the next season.

However, the NCAA needs to come up with a solution for seniors who just had their last year of sports taken away. Personally they should be allowed to come back for that season and not be forced to take a class or pay full tuition to compete in their make-up season.


In response, a petition was started to let NCAA athletes get one year of athletic eligibility back. Over 96,000 signatures have been gathered as of 10:23 a.m., Friday, March 13. 

Link to petition:

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