Members of the Wartburg Trumpet attended the Associated Collegiate Press (ACP) Best of the Midwest Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Feb. 21-23. Wartburg earned eighth in the Best of Show Newspaper general excellence category and earned nine individual awards.

Maria Munguia Cortes won first place for her commentary “I am an immigrant, I am not welcome.” Silvia Oakland, editor-inchief, earned second place in the News Photo category for her picture depicting traditional dances from the Iowa Latino Heritage Festival. Oakland and Mac Nuanez, sports writer, earned fifth place in the Multimedia Story category for “U.S. enacts travel ban, coronavirus found in Chicago.”

The piece included an online article, video package and infographic.

Annika Wall, managing editor, and Ryan Reebenacker, sports writer, teamed up for the Single Page design category and won second place for the piece “We love Kenny Anderson.”

Wall also took fourth place in Multimedia Story for the piece “Outrage culture affects campus political dialogue.” The piece included an online article, infographics and a radio package. Reebenacker earned fourth and fifth places in the Sports Story category. “‘Wrestling is what saved me,’” a story about current Wartburg heavyweight Jordon Brandon ’21 earned fourth and “‘We love Kenny Anderson,’” which reported on Anderson’s death, placed fifth.

Oakland earned seventh and tenth place in the Feature Story category. “Freedom and pressure: Alcohol use in college” placed seventh and “Speechless: Latinx students feel pressure to avoid native language” earned tenth.

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