Spring break serves as a time for students to relax, catch up on sleep and get their mind off homework and exams. While some students find going home to be relaxing enough, others turn to trips as an opportunity to have fun and make lifelong memories with friends.

It is important to form a budget for the amount of money to spend on a trip. Once a budget has been formed, it is easier to look at what options there are at that price point. Then, the students can look into hotel rooms, flights and activities that fit into the budget.

As a college in the Midwest, Wartburg is near some major cities that would make for a great trip for students. Chicago is about a five-hour drive, Minneapolis is three hours away and St. Louis is six hours. These urban areas have museums, shopping centers and plenty of activities. Another option for students is to go to a ski resort.

There are plenty of resorts in Iowa, including Sundown in Dubuque and nearby states that are fun for snowboarders and skiers of all skill levels. This trip could be for a day or an entire week. For students that are interested in serving their community and creating social change, Wartburg College offers service trips during breaks.

“Since 2000 the service trip program has grown considerably,
moving from an average of six to eight trips over Winter Break and Tour Week to an average of 20 trips per year that span the full academic calendar from Fall Break to Tour week,” Wartburg College Service Trips reported. Most trips will consist of two student trip leaders, seven to 12 student participants and one advisor.

Topics for service trips have included disability advocacy, homelessness and poverty, domestic violence, diversity issues, and environmental and sustainability education. A $25 application deposit fee is charged for all applicants.

Fall and Thanksgiving Break trips require a $100 participation fee and Winter and Tour Week Break trips require a $200 participation fee.

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