Wartburg College Opera Workshop performers have been rehearsing each night since January, leading up to “The Marriage of Figaro”’s opening night.

According to the cast of the production, they hope the hard work, talent and collaboration will pay off.

“It is something that is totally different from the Wartburg choral tradition. You know, it’s operatic,” Levi Capesius, a third-year music education and vocal performance major, will be playing the lead protagonist, Figaro. “We are really pushing ourselves to show the public and the students of Wartburg what this music department is made of and what we can put on with hard work.”

In the comedic opera written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the servant Figaro is faced with humorous, but dramatic challenges in order to marry the love of his life, servant Susanna. The plot follows them as they plan an elaborate scheme against their employer Count Almaviva, who is known for his infidelity and privilege.

“For me, it is all about the process and learning how to get better at what I am doing,” Capeisus said. “There is a lot of teamwork. For ensemble pieces, you have to depend on the others and hold yourself accountable.” Dr. Brian Pfaltzgraff, the director of the production, has found that the learning process is just as enjoyable from the teacher’s perspective.

“It’s not just about pretty voices, it’s about being able to communicate,” Pfaltzgraff said. “Unlike other shows, ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ is a plot-based and dialogue-driven show, so I have really enjoyed watching students in this discovery process. I am gratified that these students have really risen to the challenge.”

“The Marriage of Figaro” will be presented at 7:30 p.m., March 13-14, in the McCaskey Lyceum.

General admission is $10 and free with a student ID.



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