A common myth about college students is that they survive on ramen and other instant noodles. Although ramen is cheap, sometimes it can be bland or not as healthy as other food options. One way to upgrade instant noodles is to ditch the flavor packets and use your choice of broth.

This gives you an option that has lower amounts of sodium and a lot more flavor options.

Next, add some spices and flavors such as garlic, ginger or green onion. These elements can be added while cooking your noodles or can be mixed in after the ramen has completely cooked. Another way to step up your ramen recipe is to add sauce.

Stir in some sriracha, soy sauce or any number of your favorite sauces to upgrade the flavor. A couple drops can be enough to add a world of flavor and enhance your inexpensive meal. If you love greens, adding some vegetables is another great way to get more nutrients.

Adding carrots, mushrooms or your favorite veggies can bulk up your dish and provide a more filling and healthy

Although most ramen noodles come with a flavor packet that imitate chicken or beef, adding protein to your noodles is a great way to get more iron and satisfy your hunger. Add in chicken, beef, tofu or another go-to meat alternative.

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