Wartburg College is to host the new exhibition “Artificial Order” at the Waldemar A. Schmidt Art Gallery by artists Laura Colby Gleissner and Elissa Cox Wenthe. The exhibition will be on display from Monday, Feb. 17, through Mar. 29 and presents the collaborative and individual artwork pieces of these two artists.

“I’ve had exhibitions that have been two-dimensional or threedimensional, sculptural kind of installations,” Johanna KramerWeston, the art gallery director and exhibition manager said. “But this is the first exhibition of the school year that has made such great use of the gallery space; it almost transforms the gallery space into an environment. It’s nice to have a pair of artists that make the whole space an active space to experience art.”

Kramer-Weston continued by explaining how amazing it is when two artists bring their forces together to collaborate despite the differences in their style of art-making. “In this particular exhibition, my favorite piece is the collaborative piece that both Laura and Elissa worked on together; it’s called artificial order, which is the name of
the exhibition.

It’s almost 20-foot long painting that evolves into this own sculptural puddle at the bottom. This is a great example of two very different people coming together to make a cohesive exhibition.” “Artificial Order” established
relationships between organic and architectural/linear elements. Felipe Jr Andrade, fourth-year art major at Wartburg College shared the artists’ aspects that he noticed from the reception that he attended on Friday.

“I found interesting that Elissa is a person who would work a new design, blind, and would have something completed within hours,” said Andrade. “Whereas Laura tends to plan ahead of time what she wants to design and works on it, slow and steady… Despite two different views of art, Elissa and Laura create a duo that helps one another to bring out new inspirations.”

Everyone is encouraged to bring their curiosity to the gallery and experience a sense of order as well as a natural chaotic environment.

In addition, Kramer-Weston wants to remind the students to attend the senior exhibition on Apr. 7 which will be followed with a reception from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. that night.




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