Wartburg Black Student Union has been the host of some recent events celebrating Black History month on campus.

The Wartburg Black Student Union Organization is currently celebrating Black History Month by having one event per week. Last Tuesday, the BSU held an event called “Does My Black Life Really Matter?” held on campus. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness on what is going on in the black community. The BSU organization has worked to teach those who aren’t in the black community about how they view issues, and what can be improved on and off campus to make Wartburg College a better place to attend.

“We’re here to increase community awareness of the sensitivities and concerns of black Americans on a local, national, and international level,” said BSU Treasurer Ray Lockhart.

“We can get better,” said President Darrel Colson. “In fact, when I come to a session like and I hear students say, ‘well here’s something that concerns me,’ or ‘here’s something I’ve observed,’ I learned from that. And I’m able to go back and talk to the people I work with about ‘I heard this and I heard that’ so is there a way we can address that. Is there way we can improve that. So I would like for us again to reach that goal of this totally inclusive support of environment knowing that it’s going to require a lot of effort and is going to be a slow progress.”

For more information, email the Wartburg Black Student Union at

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