Wartburg College’s 13th annual Physics and Chemistry Demonstration Show will take place at 7 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 22, in Neumann Auditorium.

“It’s all stuff that we wouldn’t normally do in a lab. You know, in the lab if something blows up that is usually a bad sign, but in the demo show, that’s the whole point,” Dr. DeVries said. “It’s a cool opportunity to enjoy the fun parts of science and be a rockstar while you do it.”

This year’s demonstration theme is “The Magic of Science.” The theme was originally planned to be “Smoke and Mirrors.” Now, “Smoke and Mirrors” is the first act of four total.

“It’s smoke and mirrors, things appearing and disappearing, surprises and anything that seems magical,” DeVries said. “We’re doing a terrible job at sticking with one straight-forward thing.”

All students are welcome to participate in the event, which is not limited to science majors. The Physics and Chemistry Demonstration Show will be full of exhibitions, interactive science and entertainment, as well as a lot of ping pong balls, according to DeVries.

Handson exhibits will be available for 30 minutes before and after the show. Exhibits include dry ice bubbles, a PVC pipe organ and a flamethrower, which is a yearly favorite, according to DeVries.

“College students should definitely go to the demo, as much as they should go to other performances on campus or maybe more-so because we blow stuff up,” DeVries said. The demonstration will be streamed live by Knight Vision at livestream.com/ wartburgknightvision/demoshow. For more information, contact DeVries at christine.devries@ wartburg.edu.

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