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Wartburg College might be adding a new student organization: Castle Jesters, a small group of students meeting to practice improvisation.


Wartburg College might be adding a new student organization. The Castle Jesters is currently a small group of students independently meeting to practice improvisation. Improv is a style of extemporaneous comedic performance.

The Castle Jesters are currently the only Wartburg students meeting to practice this style of performance. First-year Wartburg student Keith Castillo is the President of the group, and enjoys improv because of its unpredictability.

“For me, it’s my motivation to try new things on its own, because there’s different experiences in the world and everyone has a different story to tell,” Kastillo said. “As I’m telling you my story now and working through it and showing you now that where I came from was, ‘its working hard and working for the things you want,’ and what I want is for other people to enjoy the things that we can work for together. So Castle Jesters improv teamwork overall.”

The Castle Jesters currently meet once a week in the Clinton classrooms and are working with Student Senate to become an official Wartburg organization.

They hope to perform to the student body by the end of the academic year. For anyone interested in getting involved with the Castle Jesters, contact Keith Castillo at his Wartburg email.

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